My friends Jimi and Sam have a longstanding joke where they talk about ‘murdering a woman’ on a night out. So, for Jimi’s birthday we decided to gift him with everything he would need to do so in the stylings of Peter Sutcliffe, aka, The Yorkshire Ripper.

The Peter Sutcliffe Assault kit included;

2 knives; a stone in a sock; a hammer; a fake beard; a v-neck sweater (he was found wearing one of these as a pair of trousers on his arrest, so his genitals were exposed); a rope and a screwdriver.

Jimi never took it home due to the risk factor of being caught whilst out drinking with such a combination of items, and ‘Sutty’ became a stable member of the household, though, since moving, he’s mostly taken up residence down the side of the sofa.